Eradicate poverty and abuse
Helping build self-reliance
Strengthening families
Donate Now  help families in Davis & Morgan Counties Your donation goes to help people in our community overcome poverty and abuse. All of the Family Connection Center's programs are designed to help people become self-reliant build strong family relationships that permanently prevent abuse and guide individuals to become stable wage earners in our community.
  • Vision.

    Why the Family Connection Center exists

    The Family Connection Center helps eradicate poverty and abuse in our community by providing support services that bring positive change to individuals and families in Davis and Morgan counties.
  • Need Help.

    Family Connection Center services

    Emergency child care, homeless prevention, food assistance, parent education and therapy programs are just some of the many ways the Family Connection Center helps people facing poverty and abuse in Davis and Morgan counties in Utah.

  • Donate.

    You can help the Family Connection Center

    Through cash and food donations or volunteering some time, you can make an impact on your community. The Family Connection Center has many ways you can help fight poverty and abuse in Davis and Morgan counties.